This class meets Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30 - 11:50 AM in Gates B03.

Teaching Assistants

Nathan Zhang
Office Hours Tuesday 12-1 PM Gates 498+Zoom, Friday 3-4 PM Zoom

Class Information

Funding for this research/activity was partially provided by the National Science Foundation Division of Computing and Communication Foundations under award number 1563113.


Guest Lectures

David Kanter, MLCommons
Thursday February 9, 2023

Raghu Prabhakar, Sambanova
Reconfigurable Dataflow Architectures
Tuesday February 14, 2023

Jared Casper, Nvidia
Large Language Models
Thursday February 16, 2023

Dan Fu, Stanford
Flash Attention
Tuesday February 21, 2023

Greg Diamos, Something New
Data systems for large models
Thursday February 23, 2023

Swapnil Gandhi, Stanford
Graph Neural Networks
Tuesday February 28, 2023

Sameer Kumar, Google
Distributed Systems
Thursday March 2, 2023

Mike Houston, NVIDIA
Distributed Systems for Deep Learning
Tuesday March 7, 2023

Ce Zhang, ETH

Thursday March 9, 2023

Cliff Young, Google
Hierarchical Codesign and TPU4
Thursday March 16, 2023

Lecture Notes (Fall 2018)

Reading list and other resources

Basic information about deep learning

Cheat sheet – things that everyone needs to know